Donate To OUTLoud

Thank you for donating to OUTLoud. We are a registered charity: No. 707187936RR 0001

One-Time or Monthly Donations:

Our Wishlist:

We welcome donations of items to keep things running smoothly! When you donate to OUTLoud you help keep the kids fed, our space clean, and the workshops and services running. Please consider:

After-School Snacks: Prepackaged granola bars, cookies, crackers, fruit cups, puddings, apple sauce, Mr. Noodles, pop tarts, breakfast bars, yogurt tubes, hot cereal, individual cereal packets.  

Art Supplies: Journals, canvases, zen doodle coloring books, crossword puzzle books, markers, pencil crayons, pens, sketch books, paints, paint brushes, 8×10 paper.

Cleaning Supplies: Lysol wipes, toilet paper, paper towels, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, hand sanitizer.