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BayToday Nov 20, 2021

Three locals and one group earn YMCA Peacemaker medals

BayToday Dec 13, 2021

School board’s annual report emphasizes inclusive culture

CTV Northern BayToday Nov 5, 2021

OutLoud Police investigating break-in at Outloud Local students participate in TV documentary

BayToday Nov 17, 2021

OUTLoud North Bay celebrates Trans Awareness Week

CTV Northern News Nov 17, 2021

North Bay couple donates $5K to Outloud North Bay

CTV Northern Ontario July 21, 2021

Police investigating break-in at Outloud North Bay

CTV News July 28, 2021

One person charged in connection with break-in at Outloud North Bay

CBC News Oct 29, 2021

No more choosing between physical and mental health for some LGBTQ youth in Ontario’s north

My North Bay Now July 13, 2021

OutLoud North Bay a national contest winner

The Nugget July 14 2021

Near North OutLoud wins award for kindness

The Nugget July 20, 2021

Break-in leaves centre director feeling ‘violated’

King Skateboard June 20, 2021

July 9, 2021

Near North District School Board teams up with Outloud North Bay to provide mental health services this summer

BayToday July 9, 2021

Skateboarding offers lessons that reach far beyond the half-pipe

CBC News · PCBC News May 7, 2021

New gender questions in 2021 census ‘a good start,’ transgender, non-binary advocates say

The Nugget June 9, 2021

OutLoud flies Pride flag over city hall

Global News June 19, 2021

Mentorship for LGBTQ2 youth can be a matter of life and death

CBC News · Posted: Mar 31, 2021

Outloud North Bay moves to bigger location, as more youth flock to LGBTQ safe space

BayToday Apr 9,

OutLoud North Bay deemed essential

CTV News , April 11, 2021

Outloud North Bay allowed to stay open despite stay-at-home order

BayToday Dec 3, 2020

Local LGBTQ community applauds Elliot Page

CTV News Jan 3, 2021

OutLoud North Bay holding virtual events during province-wide lockdown

My North Bay Now Feb. 17th, 2021

OutLoud to move to old Summit nightclub

BayToday, Nov. 20 2020

International Transgender Day of Remembrance was the beginning of OutLoud North Bay

SherwoodPark News Nov 30, 2020

YMCA donates clothing, memberships to Outloud

Country 600 Dec 02, 2020

Support announced for OutLoud North Bay

BayToday, Aug. 8 2020

Outloud North Bay celebrates its grand opening

The Northern Heart, Sep. 2020

The Northern Heart Q+A: OutLoud North Bay

MyNorthBayNow, Nov. 2020

OutLoud looking to expand

North Bay Nugget, Aug. 7 2020

‘They’ll never feel ashamed of themselves’
LGBTQ youth centre OUTLoud marks official opening

CBC News, Aug. 7 2020

Outloud North Bay creates safe space for LGBTQ youth

CTV News, Aug. 2020

Outloud celebrates official opening

North Bay Nugget, Jan. 7 2020

‘I was trapped in the wrong body’: North Bay man shares transgender journey to help others

CTV News Mar, 18, 2020

New LGBTQ community hub to open soon in North Bay

MyWestNipissingNow June 22, 2020

Pride shifting focus to September