Professional Development Classes

Professional development classes with Seth Compton.

An Eight-Session Professional Development Certificate Program Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

This professional development certificate program is facilitated by Seth Compton; you can take the courses remotely or in person.

They’re ideal for educators, organizations and businesses where there’s a need for greater diversity and inclusion, with a focus on 2SLGBTQA+ understanding.

In Person or Online Via Zoom: $1200/session or all eight for $7600. Travel fees may apply.

All Eight Professional Development Sessions


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Session #1 – Transforming gender.

Seth will share his personal coming out story along with some struggles and lived experiences that he’s had in Northern Ontario with limited resources and those educated on trans care and those in the 2SLGBTQA+ community.

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Session # 2 – Why is pride month important to celebrate?

We celebrate Pride month to publicly include all members of our families and communities who in the past had to hide who they were. Talking about Pride month as a family can make a big difference in how our children see the world. Some common ways to celebrate can include attending a parade, doing a related art project, fly a pride flag, volunteer your time as a family to an LGBTQIA+ related cause, and any other way your family sees fit!

While bringing more awareness during the month of June is important, we also want to be sure we are carrying this messaging through in our daily lives throughout the remainder of the year. We will review a more in depth look at PRIDE HISTORY.

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Session # 3 – What does 2SLGBTQA+ mean?

2SLGBTQ+ is an acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer or questioning. These terms are used to describe a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. We will dive into breaking these terms down and some history as to how these identities came to be.

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Session #4 – Gender pronouns and why they matter.

There’s no way to know which pronouns a person prefers simply by looking at them. Being called by the wrong pronoun can make a person feel disrespected, invalidated, or alienated. This has real-world consequences. This will include a new look at why pronouns are important and why they matter.

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Session #5 – Terminology surrounding gender expression and gender identity.

Everyone has a gender identity. For some people, their gender identity corresponds with the gender assigned at birth, for others it does not. Gender identities that differ from the sex assigned at birth, including ones beyond the binary, as well as the ways in which we express them, have existed across the world, for as long as life has existed. However, only recently are we beginning to see a collective understanding of various terms associated with the topic.

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Session #6 – Stages of Coming out.

You may have just learned that your child/student is lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. However, your child/student has probably been on this journey for months or years. We will review the stages are one way of understanding their journey.

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Session #7 – Ways Educators Can Support Creating LGBTQI2S-Inclusive Spaces

64% of LGBTQ students and 61% of students with LGBTQ parents reported feeling unsafe at school, in comparison to 15% of non-LGBTQ students.

In this professional development module, we will discuss ways you can support whole schools or classroom settings.

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Session #8 – Tips on how to practice 2SLGBTQ+ Allyship.

Allyship is a verb; it is the continuous practice of doing the work of standing up for marginalized groups.

Allyship is not an identity we can claim where we can give ourselves credit for previous practices. Instead, the title of being an ally should only be bestowed by the groups that we have continually stood up for, and stood in solidarity with. We will share tips on how to be an ALLY.

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