This is a great place for youth. My family supports the programs 100%. Inclusive, focused on wellness and peer to peer social support.

OUTLoud North Bay is a place that the community of North Bay has needed for a long time, and I’m so happy to know that it has become a safe place for our youth to feel at home and supported. They are the kindest folks that you’ll ever meet, and would give you the shirt off their backs. Can’t find better than them.

OUTLoud North Bay is a great space for all youth in our community and surrounding area. OUTLoud’s focus is on LGBTQ but all allies, friends and family are welcome to join their youth.

They offer great resources for you and are expanding to have adult workshops as well. I am very proud and honored to be a part of the community and family of OUTLoud.

Both my teens love the space! Having a safe space for my teens to socialize and make friends, especially during Covid, has been amazing! So many great friends and great memories have been made.

Glad to see this group in North Bay. Continuing to do great work in North Bay and surrounding areas is needed.Education is the key here in the North.

Amazing, supportive safe space for our LGBTQ2S+ Youth. Love, LOVE, <3 !!!

Glad to see this group in North Bay. Continuing to do great work in North Bay and surrounding areas is needed. Education is the key here in the North.

Thank you! You have provided the youth with a loving safe place to enjoy life, and that is truly wonderful!

I follow OutLoud on Facebook and this is 100% a place that North Bay has needed for a very long time! Seth takes charge of making sure our LGBTQ+ Youth Community in North Bay has a safe space to hang out and to feel free to express their individualities! Definitely an amazing initiative and place for our LGBTQ++ Youths!

Absolutely amazing space! Food, games, books, music, boarding – everything you could ask for. Staff are always welcoming and accepting! Truly a safe space for our Queer youth!

My daughter just started going to OUTLoud. She is 16 with severe anxiety. The first time was overwhelming for her and she just sat with me and took in her surroundings. Something about the place made her want to go back. The next time she went she had less anxiety and was able to participate and make pizza bagels. She was so happy with this activity she actually took a picture of her bagel to share with others. It will be a slow transition for her and I stay with her the whole time. I am hopeful that she will feel comfortable enough to go herself. So with that being said I get a birds eye view. The staff and Seth are amazing. Every child is acknowledged and no child goes without. They even have donated meals for the kids. I work in mental health and cannot say enough about this place. My daughter said even her teacher praises OutLoud and was amazed that my daughter told her she goes there. It is a safe place where kids can be themselves.

Wonderful place! Very inclusive and lots to do, highly recommended for those who need a safe place 🙂